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What It's Like To Get Hit When You Don't See It Coming

They had a bye, so therefore there was absolutely nothing to talk to Docker David Mundy about with Paul and Lise… was exactly what didn’t happen on Tuesday.

In fact, Mundy still managed to completely blindside us with what he got up to for his week off.

“I took my boys down to Paul Duffield’s farm in Darkan,” he said.

“Get out,” Paul replied.

Paul Duffield is, of course, former Fremantle Dockers defender Paul Duffield. The same Paul Duffield who retired from football at the end of the 2015 season after 171 games at Fremantle.

“And what did you do at the farm?” Paul asked Mundy.

 “We did a lot of things that started with ‘don’t tell your mum’,” Mundy joked before listing off a bunch of stuff that any kid (and big kid) would be stoked to get amongst while at a farm, including riding motorbikes, driving tractors and moving sheep around.

“They would’ve loved it,” Lise said.

“Yeah, it was great fun,” Mundy said as he explained how his eldest boy Finn, who had been to Duffield’s farm previously, took to showing his younger brother Hudson around like the expert.

But not only did we learn that Duffield is a third-generation farmer, he’s also the player/coach of the Wagin Football Club, and Mundy went to watch him play.

“Would that be your dream?” Lise asked, “to do something like that?”

Mundy said it was great to be back, being part of country footy.

“At halftime, all the lads run out and the ladies at the canteen brought out all the cakes and the cake stall was set up… they were some of the best cakes I’ve ever tasted.”

Paul was gobsmacked.

“It’s like living in a bygone era,” he said.

“Paul Duffield is living the 1950s”

On a far more serious note, Mundy also commented on the sickening hit that that left Brisbane's Harris Andrews with brain bleeding.

Andrews will miss at least the next two matches, having been hospitalised as a result of the incident, and he is being closely monitored after the collision.

Paul asked Mundy what it actually feels like to get hit when you have no idea it’s coming, and his reply was surprisingly detailed.

Check out the vid up top to watch what he had to say


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