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Mundy On Grass-Throwing And Who He Likes Having A Spa With

Fremantle club legend David Mundy has opened up about that incident during the last minutes of Sunday night’s clash with Adelaide.   

The controversy kicked off when Adelaide’s Lachlan Murphy was lining up at goal 30 metres out.

Freo’s Brad Hill, standing the mark, threw a handful of grass and subsequently copped a 50-metre penalty.

It was something that Paul & Lise were keen to talk about with the star midfielder on Tuesday.

“Have you ever thrown grass in someone’s face as they’re lining up for goal?” Paul asked.

“Not since under-13s” Mundy laughed.


Paul asked if it happens often.

“I hadn’t seen it for a while,” Mundy said. “I actually didn’t know what the 50 was for.”

“Were you aware that you’re not allowed to throw grass?” Paul continued.

“Not specifically,” Mundy admitted. “But when I asked a different umpire ‘what was that for?’ he said, ‘throw the grass’ and I was like ‘oh OK, I kinda get that’.”

Paul argued that it wasn’t exactly a “divet” of turf that was tossed.

“Bradley Hill’s not a very good thrower either,” Mundy quipped.

After a quick catch-up on facing Richmond this week, Lise suggested that Mundy have a nice spa bath at home to help alleviate his soreness.

“I’ll be having one at the club today, don’t’ worry,” Mundy said.

Paul then asked what his teammate of choice is to take a spa with.

Without skipping a beat, Mundy said... Rory Lobb.

Pic: Fox Footy

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