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What Mundy Thinks Of AFL Fans Who Leave Losing Games Early

If there was one tiny sliver of shining straight-kicking light during the Docker’s dreadful 59-point loss on Sunday, it was David Mundy.

Paul & Lise even decorated the 96FM studio with every Page 3 of Monday’s liftout they could get their hands on, which featured an action shot the star forward, to show their support.

This wasn’t going to be an easy chat.

Shortly after talking about how Fremantle have trialled some of the rule changes, Paul gingerly approached the topic that had all of Perth talking... and it wasn’t just the huge loss.


“I just have to say, because we covered it on the show earlier in the week, quite a few Freo supporters did leave at three-quarter time,” Paul said, uncomfortably.

“We saw some images [from] the platform of the railway station.”

Lise chimed in: “It was chockas.”

Paul got to the point and just asked if, as a player, he was aware that people were leaving the stadium early.

Check out the vid up top for his response

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