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Des Bishop On Which Joke Made Chinese Audiences 'Explode'

He’s funny and one good-looking rooster.

Des Bishop is in town as part of the Perth Comedy Festival with his new show, Egorithm, and this week joined Paul & Lise in the studio.

The Irish-American comedian, who speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese, told us what it was like to perform comedy to a Chinese audience.

“I think humour is way more universal than people think,” Bishop said.

“The problem with Chinese people is that they can be hard to read, like socially, they can be very abrupt and they can be quite stark, so the impression you’d get is that they’d not be into laughing.

“But they were very open to it, particularly my fish-out-of-water stories about how I saw them… they also laughed at my crappy Chinese, which also helped.”

Bishop also gave us the scoop on what jokes get the biggest laughs – one was about buying houses with cash and the other involved a place in Shanghai called the Marriage Market.

“They literally exploded,” he said.

What was also interesting was the process he had to go through just to get a comedy show approved in China.

Bishop waxed lyrical about the weather (at the time of the interview it was a drizzly day in Perth, which he referred to as a perfect summer’s day in Ireland), the difference between a Perth and a Melbourne audience (one of them is more “stuck-up” than the other) and a hilarious story about Aussie comedy legend, Jimeon.

Check out the full chat they had up top.

You can catch him at The Regal Theatre in Subi on May 4.

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