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Did Darren Lehmann Know The Ball Was Being Tampered With?

While the International Cricket Council suspended Steve Smith for a Test match over the ball-tampering furore in South Africa, Paul & Lise took it a step further on Monday.

“I think that anyone who has been involved with this ball tampering scandal, and I’ll extend it to coaching staff, should be banned from Australian Test cricket for life,” said Paul.

“Well, they’re cheats,” chimed in Lise.

The scandal forced Smith and David Warner to stand down from the captaincy and vice-captaincy for the rest of the third Test as Tim Paine took over.

But Paul wasn’t finished.

“Now, I want to know if David Warner isn’t involved, then why is he not captaining the team now? Why is it Tim Paine?”

He said that the move implied that David Warner was somehow involved, because if he wasn’t, Stephen Smith would’ve stepped aside, making Dave Warner captain.

Smith was found guilty of being “party to a decision to attempt to change the condition of the ball in order to gain an unfair advantage". He was also fined 100 per cent of his match fee.

Cameron Bancroft, who used yellow tape to tamper with the ball on Saturday after a plot devised at the lunch break, was spared a ban.

Lise then turned the focus to the entire leadership team.

 “Should the whole leadership team be sacked?... because the leadership team has been named,” she asked before speculating that Bancroft could’ve been “a bit of a patsy”.

That prospect drove Paul to seem even more disappointed.

 “I would hate to think that senior members of that team have lined up a younger member of the team that’s a little bit naïve…” he said.

It was at this moment that Australian cricketer Brad Hogg called into the program.

He straight-up said that mass-sackings weren’t going to change things.

“Are we going to leave the pieces for the next generation?” he asked.

“At the end of the day these guys have tarnished it and it’s up to them to turn it around, they’ve left the game with a huge stain.”

Then Lise just dropped it on Hoggy.

“I find it very hard to believe that [Australian coach] Darren Lehmann didn’t know,” said Lise. “Can you comment on that?”

“That’s a very good question,” said Hogg, before agreeing.

“I find it hard [to believe] that Darren Lehman wouldn’t have known about it as well.”

He then expressed fury over Bancroft’s involvement.

“They’ve created a culture where the young fella, Cameron Bancroft, can’t stand up and say ‘look, I don’t believe that we’re doing the right thing here’,” Hogg said.

“He’s only played eight games, he’s just trying to find his feet in the team and when your heroes – the people you look up to - ask you to do something… he’d go through a brick wall for anyone.

“I am furious he’s been put in that position”

Check out the full chat in the video up top 

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