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Did The Western Force Players Really Have A Bachie Party?

There was no escaping The Bachelor Australia on Thursday, the morning after the season 2018 premiere, and there was especially no escaping it if you’re a Western Force player.

Paul & Lise would be remiss if they didn’t come straight out of the blocks with one specific question for winger, Marcel Brache.

“Did you watch The Bachelor?” Lise whispered.

“I did,” Brache said, without a hint of irony.

“I was glued to the screen.”

From 2008 to 2015, Nick Cummins, aka The Bachelor, aka The Honey Badger, aka The Badgelor played for the Western Force.

“I was very lucky to have played with Cummo for a couple of seasons just before he left for Japan,” Brache said.

Lise mentioned that she held a Bachie viewing party at her place to watch the premiere, and when she asked Brache if he wanted to come to the next one, we were genuinely shocked to hear his response.

“Oh goodness, there’s actually been quite a few Force boys who have been hosting their own,” he said.

“Is that right?” Lise said, incredulously, before asking who.

Flanker Chris Alcock, that’s who.

“His fiancée had one but, in all honesty…. he had one,” Brache said. “I unfortunately didn’t go but a few boys did.”

Brache said that their Bachie party involved pizza and doing “the whole, you know, choose a name out of the hat.”

“They were doing Bachie sweeps!” Lise said.

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Western Force take on the Panasonic Wild Knights at nib Stadium on Friday, August 17

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