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Does Leftover Beer Ever Go... Off?

Lise posed the question on Friday morning after revealing that she has a lot of beer at home – which she doesn’t drink.

“Some of it is quite old,” she told Paul.

“So, can you still drink it and does beer have a use-by date and does it end up tasting any different?”

Thing is, Lise had three beer scenarios of beer at her place.

Scenario #1

Beers in the esky, located out the back.

There used to be ice in the esky, which obviously melted and was tipped out after a party “ages ago”. The beers, to this day, remain in the esky.

Scenario #2

Lise’s brother left a bunch of beers after he dropped in at Christmas… two years ago.

These beers are still in the fridge.

Scenario #3

These beers have been sitting in a dark cupboard, “like a wine cellar cupboard” and they’ve been there for a year. These ales have never been refrigerated.

Check the video up top to see what happened when we opened the phones...

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