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Elliot Yeo Addresses The Nic Nat 'Elephant In The Room'

Despite the significance of being the AFL opener for the newly-minted Optus Stadium, it didn’t quite go the way West Coast fans wanted.

The Eagles went down to the Swans by 29 points in front of a crowd of 53,553, the biggest for a WA football match.

The score at the final siren:

West Coast Eagles 13.8 (86)

Sydney Swans 18.7 (115)

West Coast’s Elliot Yeo told 96FM’s Paul & Lise that he thought they “fought pretty valiantly” over the four quarters, despite not being able to “get it done” in the last five minutes.

“Obviously you’re not happy with losing games, but we’ve come out with a lot of positives and small things we have to tweak here and there,” he said.

Lise asked Yeo what it felt like to kick a goal at the new stadium.

“It was one of those [goals] where it felt like the game was on the line,” Yeo said.

“[I] probably carried on a bit too much… the atmosphere after [it] was pretty cool.”

Lise then addressed the “elephant in the room”.

“You guys ran out to an inflatable eagle,” she said.

“I’m not entirely sure that Nic Nat really liked that and I felt the vibe was that he wanted the banner back… can you clarify that?”

“Everyone’s got their own opinions on that, I like running out in the tunnel,” he said before suggesting that a banner would be a good idea for milestone games.

Looking ahead to Sunday’s clash against the Bulldogs, Lise wanted to clear up some confusion on afl.com.au.

“There’s a bit of confusion because daylight saving finishes on Saturday night,” she said.

“The AFL have got the game at a different time to the official match time which is 3.20pm - so it’s 1.20pm here in the west.”

The Eagles will play the Western Bulldogs at Etihad on Sunday, April 1.

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