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Eileen Bond On The America’s Cup, Perth Heat & Bob Hawke

It was the news we didn’t expect to hear in 2018, the former wife of the late Alan Bond, Eileen Bond, was now one of the new owners of the Perth Heat baseball team.

On Thursday, she dropped into the studio for a chat with Paul & Lise.

Here’s what we learned:

How did it come about that she bought into the Perth Heat?

“Why not, it was something else to do,” she said.

Lise asked Eileen what she knew about baseball prior to, you know, buying a team.

“Not a thing, not a thing!” she said before saying that it was something to do in the summer as she had footy in the winter. Eileen is the number one ticketholder at the South Fremantle Football Club.

Eileen also added that she had been to a baseball game once over in the US.

“I just happened to say it, I thought ‘oh, I did go, yes, I love that baseball game and they went around selling peanuts and hotdogs and [singing] Take Me Out To The Ball Game’ and I thought it was all huge fun, so off we go!”

Paul loved it.

“I mean, I watch a lot of horseracing, but I’ve never bought a horse before,” he deadpanned.

Eileen then dropped a clanger: Ted Turner took her to the game, the same Ted Turner that founded CNN.

Memorabilia from the America’s Cup

“We’ve actually got the Cup” she said.

“[Trophy maker] Garrad’s always said to me if you ever win the Cup, we’ll make you another one - they only made one and that was the America’s Cup.

“They never thought we win it, of course.”

Eileen said that the trophy maker said they would make it to the exact same pattern and everything that was written on it. An exact replica.

“And when we won it, I rang them and said ‘well, make me one’… and they did.”

Paul asked if it was kept on the coffee table. She laughed and said it was.

Eileen Bond lends out her America’s Cup out

“I mean, there’s a cup of sugar and then there’s the America’s Cup” Paul.

Who ended up with Bob Hawke’s Jacket?

“No, I don’t know! I don’t!” she said.

Lise asked Eileen if she was sure she didn’t have the jacket at her house.

“I don’t have the jacket, but it would be interesting to find out exactly where that is,” she said.

Eileen then told the story of the iconic jacket.

“[Bob Hawke] was at the yacht club and someone handed it to him,” she recalled.

“Don’t forget, we were in Newport, so we saw that on TV when he was being handed that jacket and he was such a good sport is Bob he put it on straight away.

 “I don’t know, it would be interesting to find out what happened to the jacket!”

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