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Elliot Yeo Asked Paul 5 Questions & NOTHING Was Off-Limits

It all started with a bet between Paul and Elliot Yeo.

Last week, the boys decided that whoever’s team won, got to ask the other five burning questions – and nothing was off-limits.

Yeo was Eagles (clearly) and Paul of course was Collingwood. Eagles won, so Yeo got to grill Paul.

It was based off a game where, out of five questions, you can dismiss three, but you have to answer two of them. The risk being that the questions could get easier or harder.

Here were Yeo’s questions:

- How much do you earn?

- What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told?

- If you cheated on your girlfriend and no one else knew, would you tell her or keep it a secret?

- If Lise died, who would you like to work with? (OMGGGGG this answer)

- When are you going to propose?

And it got uncomfortable.

Really uncomfortable.

Check out the vid up top

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