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Elliot Yeo Isn't Into The AFL's Proposed Rule Changes

So - and stick with me here - you may remember on Tuesday, Paul & Lise had a frank conversation with Fremantle’s David Mundy about some proposed changes to the AFL’s rules.

Mundy said that about a month ago, AFL football operations manager Steve Hocking and a few other higher-ups had come out to trial a few of them.

“It was weird to kind of implement straight away,” Mundy told Paul & Lise.

“Especially as we had no lead-in, we just rocked up [to training] and they were there and were like ‘we’re going to try this’.”

So, with that in mind, surely the same has been happening over at West Coast, right?

Just days out from a forgettable 40-point loss to North Melbourne in Hobart, Elliot Yeo told Paul & Lise that the Eagles had not had any such training sessions.

Paul went through some ‘new rule’ scenarios with Yeo:

“Would you like an extended goal square, one that was longer?” he asked.

“No,” Yeo said.

Would you like to be told where to stand when the ball is bounced?” Paul asked.

“No,” Yeo said.

“Would you like to wear a little netball sort of bib?” Paul joked.

“We’re getting to that point,” Yeo said, not joking.

Paul then stated that he was sensing some frustration, to which Yeo said he was.

“Just leave the game [alone],” he said.


However, he did offer up a rule he would like to see…

“I wouldn’t be too opposed to having a rule kind of like a red card or something,” Yeo said.

He went through how he’d like to see a possible red card rule work and, while Paul could see it, Lise disagreed on how Yeo’s red card idea could be determined.

 “I think it should be a crowd decision,” she said. “A crowd-o-meter”

“Yeah, let’s put it to a vote,” Elliot joked.

Lise continued: “You turn around and if the crowd makes a big enough noise, then that person has to go off.”

Check out the video up top for the full chat

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