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Yeo On Spare Players, Sheppard And Going To The Loo Naked

We learned two things about West Coast’s Elliot Yeo on Wednesday: he’s not completely against the concept of having a spare player… and he used to take all his clothes off to go to the loo.

I know, I know.

But first, the proper football stuff (I need to legitimise this article somehow)...

A few weeks ago, Paul reminded Yeo that he was super honest with us with his thoughts on red cards.

“What about the concept of having a spare player that can be used when you lose a player altogether,” Paul asked.

“I mean, Jack [Darling] was never going to come back… [and] whether or not it’s true or not, there’s speculation as to whether or not you can play the following week after a concussion like that.

“What about a player just ready to go for that purpose?”

Yeo wasn’t as convinced as he was with the red card idea, however he didn’t completely write it off either.

“I’m not against it,” he said before acknowledging how “extremely hard” it was to win a game when a team had less-than 22 players.

“But there’d be plenty of underlying things that they’d have to try and figure out first to try and get it to work.”

After chatting about the Eagles’ chances with Brisbane this week, Paul & Lise went a round of ‘Fact or Fiction’ – the Elliot Yeo Edition.

And the results were unsettling.

Fact or Fiction - “Was Aaron Sandilands seen wandering around the West Coast Eagles club at any stage in the last three weeks?” Yeo confirmed this was fiction.

Fact or Fiction – “You take off all your clothes to use the loo?” Yeo confirmed this was fiction fact. Wait. What.

Fact or Fiction - “Is Brad Sheppard making bets with blokes around the club that when he eventually retires from football, he’ll be a Perth Scorcher?” Yeo confirmed that Sheppy considers himself a bit of a cricketer, but completely stopped short at confirming whether the betting amount being thrown around was $25,000.

Check out the video up top to find out exactly what he said, particularly about that going to the loo naked thing.

If the Eagles win this weekend, they’ll be in the top two and a great opportunity to snag two home finals.




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