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Yeo Tells Us Which Team He’d Love To Take On In The GF

Elliot Yeo joined Paul and Lise on Wednesday morning, still fresh from last week’s stunning after-the-siren win against Port Adelaide.

West Coast now need just one more win to guarantee themselves a top-two spot and two home finals.

Firstly, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that photo...

The Ladder Predictor

After chatting briefly about the win, Lise’s burning question was about a particular app and if players used it.  

“There’s an app and you can put in different wins and…” Lise said.

“The Ladder Predictorrrrr,” Paul chimed in before saying that Patrick Dangerfield had admitted to using it.

Yeo said that he’d heard of it but hadn’t used it.

“I just look at the ladder and just use quick math.”

Paul joked that Yeo was a bit more A Beautiful Mind as opposed to needing to use the app.

“Yes,” Yeo said before launching into some thoughts on predictions.  

The Grand Final

The second burning question Lise had for Yeo was the ultimate hypothetical.

“If you were going to paly in the Granny, what would be your team of choice to play against?”

    Paul answered for him.


    Yeo was pretty staunch with his answer.

    “I’d like to knock off Richmond”

    The Brownlow

    AFL’s night of nights, the Brownlow Medal, is slated for September 24, and our Elliot sits as third fave to snag it.

    Thing is, Paul & Lise were slightly alarmed to hear where Yeo was planning to be on the night. Like, he’s going to be there, right?

    “Umm, I haven’t got the invite yet,” he said.

    Lise couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

    “So, you’re third favourite and they haven’t even invited you?”

    “Those people over east, when are they going to just stop?

    “Collingwood barely comes over here, our guys have to haul their butts over east and Elliot Yeo has not yet got his invite to the Brownlow.

    “I’m disgusted.”

    It wasn’t all serious, though.

    For the first time, we got a small insight into who Elliot would take to the Browny… while Paul was pushing for him to take Lise, we learned a tiny bit about Elliot’s girlfriend… ooh la la…

    Watch the full chat up top

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