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Eskimo Joe Snuck 'Neverending Story' Into One Of Their Songs

If you’ve ever listened to Eskimo Joe’s Sarah and thought it sounded a bit like the theme song to The Neverending Story, you wouldn’t be wrong.

In fact, you’d be dead right.

Eskimo Joe’s Kav confirmed with Paul & Lise that it wasn’t just a coincidence.


“It’s not an urban myth… that’s how Sarah came about,” he said before launching into the story.

At the time, Kav was out in Fremantle with Little Birdy’s Katy Steele and End Of Fashion’s Justin Burford. 

“We would go down to the student night at The Newport, none of us were students,” he said.

“We had cheap beer and we would all get pretty boozed and then walk back to the jam room that we had just out of Freo and all kind of jam on each other’s songs.”

The conversation turned to the 1984 movie, The Neverending Story.

“We were like ‘how awesome was the melody for The Neverending Story?’,” Kav recalled before revealing a cunning plan.

“I was like ‘I dare one of us to try and sneak that melody into one of our songs’.”

The response was immediate.

“Everyone was like ‘game on’.”

“We won with Sarah.”


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