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Eskimo Joe Perform LIVE In The 96FM Studios

We all know that person who, whenever a song starts, they’re belting out the wrong lyrics.

For instance, Elton John’s Tiny Dancer. We all know the words aren’t ‘Hold me closer, Tony Danza’, no matter how much they should be.

It seems that Eskimo Joe are also victims of the mondegreen, or the misheard lyric.

In the light of the re-issue of their 2006 album, Black Fingernails Red Wine, Kav, Joel and Stu dropped into the studio on Friday for a jam.


Listeners were treated to a pared-down, acoustic version of Black Fingernails Red Wine and Sarah.

After we collectively picked up our jaws from the floor (check out the vid below, they were SO good), Kav told Paul & Lise the story of how the band was at The Rosemount in North Perth, working out the dynamic of Sarah… when a trip to the loo spawned the beginning of another Eskimo Joe heavy-hitter.

“I had my glass of wine and I put it down on the top of the toilet,” he said. “As I was doing a wee and I had to watch what I was doing, so I was looking down… and I was like ‘black fingernails, red wine, I wanna make you all mine’.”

Kav admitted it sounded pretty silly at the time, but when he woke up the next day, the idea was still kicking around in his head… and that’s how the song came about.

Joel said that some still, after 22 years, sing the wrong words to the line, all of us stand and point our fingers… but it still cracks them up.

“The classic is: ‘I don’t understand the point of fingers.”

One fan, a graphic designer, had approached Kav and said that he “used his hands all the time and was like why you don’t understand the point of fingers?”

To our surprise, Kav then belted out the misheard lyric.

It was hilarious and glorious.

He's considering slipping it in to live gigs going forward.

Check out their performance in full below... and their chat in the vid up top



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