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Ex-BB Contestant George Gives 'Perfect Pour' A Crack

When George came into the 96FM studios to play Paul & Lise’s Perfect Pour, we were all scratching our heads because, well, we sorta recognised him.

And then it hit us.

In 2012, George was a housemate on Big Brother.


“Where did you finish on the ladder there that year?” Paul asked George.

“Seven weeks out of 12, I don’t know how many people that is because they always bring in the Intruders in and stuff like that,” George said.

Six years later, George now heads up his own electrical company, but he still keeps in touch with a couple of his ex-housemates from the show.

“I always catch up with the ones from Melbourne and the Gold Coast overtime I go there,” he said.

“Who is one that we would know?” Lise asked.

“Ryan and Layla”

Yeah, we couldn’t remember them straight away either, so here’s a flashback…


(We still don’t remember them, but we hope they’re doing well)

But this wasn’t a ‘where are they now’ segment, George was getting ready to give Paul & Lise’s Perfect Pour a solid crack.

At the 96FM bowser, contestants squeeze the trigger, which activates the numbers (like pumping petrol for real) only letting go when they think they’ve hit $10.

Check out the vid up top to see how George went, and if you want your chance to win $10K with the Perfect Pour, click here to register!

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