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Are There Sensors Under The Road At Traffic Lights?

It’s one of those things that you think is true, but you’re not completely 100 per cent about it.

Lise set the irritating scene: when you’re at a set of traffic lights - which are red - and there’s no cars around… are there sensors under the ground that detect that you’re there?

 “I think there are sensors underneath the road,” Lise said on Thursday morning.

“And you can roll back and forth and that’ll tell the sensors in the ground that there’s a car there and therefore the traffic lights will change.”

Paul agreed with her that that was right, but you know, he wasn’t entirely sure.

But, the thing is, Paul & Lise’s producer didn’t think it was true at all.

Are there sensors under the road at the lights?

We had no choice, we threw open the phones for a round of ‘Fact or Fiction’.

Check the video up top!

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