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Does Urinating On A Jellyfish Sting Actually Help?

It's a typical summer scene: taking the kids down to the beach.

Lise recalled a story about when she took her daughter Bella down to City Beach and all was well. Until it wasn’t.

“She’s in the water playing, I’m in the water, and next thing, she’s just screaming and I’m like ‘ohhhh no’.”

Because you know what else is a typical summer scene at the beach? Jellyfish stings.

“Bella has no pain threshold,” Lise said.

“So, I’ve stuck her in the car, driven to a chemist and got some Stingose.”

Paul offered some advice he first heard as a kid: “We were always told, you urinate on it.”

Lise was completely blindsided.

“I’m sorry, never heard that in my life.”

So, we had no choice but to open the phones.

Check out the awkward video up top


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