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Low-Income Earners Encouraged To 'Work Harder'

OK, so, you’re probably well over the Budget, but Paul & Lise had a couple of questions, some of them pretty personal, on their minds.

So, on Wednesday, we got Mathias Cormann on the phone.

Paul didn’t muck around.

“Australians on less than $90,000 a year get a $10 a week tax relief and Australians on less-than $37,000 a year a $4 a week tax relief… is that enough for low-income earners?”

Mathias Cormann said that the Budget prioritised low and middle-income earners for tax relief as they wanted to reward them for their effort.

But literally in the same breath of wanting “to help with cost of living pressures”, the Minister for Finance said the relief would “encourage them to work harder.”

    Lise chimed in with the story of the young mum who copped a speeding fine for doing 164km/h in an old Getz, which she had, in fact, hadn’t.

    “If that had happened, and if you guys have new powers to withhold welfare payments for outstanding warrants or fines, then she’s going to be in a bit of a spot,” she said.

     “I just fear for that situation, where the most needy in our community, the ones that do have outstanding warrants and then you might cut their welfare payments… that’s not great.”

    Cormann shot back: “why should somebody who, quite frankly, is being prosecuted for a criminal offence, why should they continue to receive welfare payments?”

    Paul then posed a different question to the same situation.

    “Do their children suffer if the welfare payments are cut back?”

    Cormann said that the parent would be forced to deal with the outstanding warrant.

    The Minister spoke briefly on the funding of the ABC, at one point trying to compare the efficiency of the national broadcaster with 96FM.

    Paul stopped Cormann in his tracks.

    “There’s nothing efficient about this radio station,” he joked.

    “Making a few dick jokes and playing AC/DC, there’s nothing efficient about that.”

    Lise then put in a personal plea to get someone, anyone, to have a look at the MyGov website to stop it crashing.

    Judging by his response, we don’t think he’s been asked that before.

    Anyway, we really want to know your thoughts on what he said, check out the vid up top and leave us a comment on whether what he said was fair or nah.

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