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Fiona O’Loughlin Recounts Russell Brand’s On-Stage ‘Death'

One of the most confronting things a stand-up comic can face is, well, dying.

Not dying, dying… but dying during a performance.

Fiona O’Loughlin hasn’t been immune from her own on-stage death, but she did recount one a few years ago in Edinburgh that was even more mortifying than her own.

It was Russell Brand’s.

“I was on after him, it was a line-up show and they booed him off,” O’Loughlin told Paul & Lise.

“Scotland are ruthless,” she continued.

“They booed him off and he comes stomping up the stairs past me and then, next thing, they’re encoring Russell Brand again, they want him back.

“So, he stomps back down again, and he goes out there – this is the Scottish for you – they only got him back… to boo him off again.”

Paul & Lise lost their minds laughing.

But O’Loughlin wasn’t done.

“[Russell Brand] threw his pint at the audience and then someone threw a jug back,” she recalled.

“There’s glass going everywhere and all of a sudden, he stomped past me again and Adam Hills is introducing me and I was like ‘well, I’d love to go out but I’ve just got this huge piece of glass in my leg that I had to pull out.

“I went on stage with sweat pouring down my neck and blood pouring down my [leg].”

 Check out the vid up top!



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