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'For Years and Years I Said I'd Never Get Her Name Tattooed'

It was the last piece of the puzzle for Todd of Ellenbrook to move on, and on Wednesday, Paul & Lise gave him the opportunity to have his tattoo removed.

Paul described Todd as having “a somewhat frosty relationship with the woman who he got a tattoo for a number of years ago.”

We held our breath. Thing is, in order to get the tatt removed, the catch was that Todd had to get the green light to do so from his ex-wife, Casey.

“For years and years and years I said I’d never get her name [tattooed],” he told Paul & Lise.

“But around her birthday I thought ‘I’m gonna be with this girl forever’ so [I made it] a permanent gesture.”  

He said that he got Casey’s name tattooed on his arm the day before her birthday.

“I had to hide it that night from her,” Todd said

“In the morning, I said happy birthday, rolled over and showed her.”


Lise reiterated the rules.

“We could get this removed for you, but you’ve got to call Casey and get her permission to have it taken off.”

Todd laughed before saying that he and Casey were civil and were on speaking terms because of the pair’s shared children.

“I love it when people use the terms ‘civil’ and ‘speaking terms’,” Paul said before Todd chimed in.

“Yeah, there’s no severe animosity whatsoever,” he said light-heartedly.

Paul & Lise then dialled Casey’s number.

When she picked up, Todd got straight to the point.

“I’ve entered a competition on 96FM to have a tattoo removed, but the kicker is that I have to ask your permission to get it done, so can I have your permission to get your name removed off me?”

Casey was also straight to the point.

“Yeah, doesn’t bother me.”

Paul & Lise jumped into the conversation.

“So, Casey, you’re almost happy that he’s getting your name taken off his arm, aren’t you?” Lise asked.

“Nah, I’ve got nothing to do with it,” Casey said. “Like we’re not together, he can do whatever he would like.”

Paul remarked that it sounded like Casey was completely indifferent to the situation.

“I’m not sure what reaction you’re after, it’s been over for a very long time and so it’s up to him,” Casey said.

After permission was granted and the call ended, Lise said it was obvious that Casey had, indeed, moved on.

“Oh yeah, she moved on a long time ago,” Todd said.

“Have you, Todd?” Lise asked.

“Some days are better than others,” Todd admitted.

“It’s definitely over, but her life has gone on this upward swing and mine’s sort of gone on this downward swing.”

Cue the collective ☹ from Paul & Lise.

“It’s more the life I miss,” he said.

“Do you know what, Todd?” Lise said.

“This is more than getting a tattoo removed, it’s an entirely new start for you… now you can move forward.”

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