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4 Things Paul Found Pretty Ordinary About Ed Sheeran's Gig

It was described as ‘Australia’s Most Intimate Stadium Gig Ever’ but Paul revealed on Tuesday that he didn't have the best time - and of course had nothing to do with Sheeran's actual performance. 

“There’s a couple of things that happened inside the stadium that I don’t think have been reported that well,” he said, tongue firmly in cheek, on Tuesday morning.

The wait for the toilet

“Particularly for you ladies, Melissa (Paul’s partner) went to the bathroom and was gone for about 6 songs,” he told Lise.

Sheeran’s shirt

“Oddly, for the entire night, even though it was a scorcher, [he] wore a long-sleeved flannelette shirt which disturbed me, I felt like I was at a wedding in Adelaide.” 


“For what was essentially an easy-listening night, like it wasn’t like big band rock songs, it was just him with a loop pedal, there were a lot, and I mean a lot of punters that were absolutely sloshed.”

 He then added, “there were voms around me.”

Pedestrian Access Back To Crown

Paul said the path was essentially unfinished with “water trapments”, temporary fencing and no lighting whatsoever.

“I felt like I was playing a Kokoda virtual reality game”

Watch the full chat up top.

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