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Freo Players To Be Asked If They Want To Play... Or Not

Fremantle will put it back onto individual players on whether they really want to fight out the season, or not.

Docker David Mundy was incredibly frank with Paul & Lise in his regular spot on Tuesday morning, just days after a ruthless Geelong booted a record 23 straight goals, resulting in Freo’s biggest ever defeat.

While most of the media addressed talk of heads possibly rolling at the club, Paul & Lise asked what the fallout from a loss like that was really like inside the club.

Not gonna lie, we were completely stunned by his response.


Mundy said that on Monday the playing group got together and discussed the game and watched some “vision that was quite damning”.

“We wanted to put it all out on the table and really get guys thinking about how individually bought-in they are for the remainder of the season,” Mundy said, admitting that there was only a week to go for the club.

“That’s the other hard thing,” he said.

“When there’s no pull of potential finals or anything like that some guys can waver.

“We’ve really put it back on the individual to come back in today [Tuesday], either telling us that they want to go again and really fight out the season and come back this week and really react or tell us that they’re done for the year and they’re keen to just have a rest.

“It’s a heavy thing to think about, but yeah, we’ve put it back on the individual.”

“That’s extraordinary,” Paul said.

“Is that formal, will that take place where literally everyone lines up and it’s one after the other or is this a sit-down with the coach?”

Mundy said it was player group-driven.

“We’re really keen for guys to, first of all, buy-in on the individual level and then from there we can build our team dynamic,” he said.

Lise asked who the players would be saying that to.

“Just say if someone says they’re feeling a little bit tired and they don’t want that buy-in,” Lise said.

 “Do they say it to Nat Fyfe, do they say to you?”

Mundy said they’ll be having those conversations throughout the week to make sure the guys were ready to go.

“It’s clearly a really important week for the club that we, first of all, respond,” he said.

“But, potentially, some of our older stalwarts who have been at the club a long time and given a lot of themselves to the football club through some good and bad times are potentially playing their last game.”

“It’s going to be a really emotional week for some of us.”

Check out the full, frank conversation with Mundy in the vid up top

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