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Jakovich Calls Glendinning Medal Scrapping A 'Disgrace'

West Coast legend Glen Jakovich says the decision to scrap the Ross Glendinning medal for western derbies is a “disgrace”.

Since 2001, the player judged best afield in the derby has won the Ross Glendinning medal, while the winning team has received a trophy.

But both traditions have been dumped following a change in sponsorship agreement with Carlton United Breweries.

Fremantle chief executive Steve Rosich claimed it had been a joint decision by both clubs to axe the medal.

Jakovich told 96FM’s Paul & Lise on Tuesday morning that it was “extremely disappointing for both clubs”, particularly on the eve of the first derby at the new Optus Stadium.

He admitted that while sponsorships do change, both clubs would’ve known a long time ago whether that sponsorship was going to go ahead or not.

“It’s a very poor decision and very poor planning leading into what’s been a fantastic start to the season for both clubs,” he said.

Paul asked Jako if he thought here was any spite involved, “because I can’t understand how West Coast and Freo have not come to the decision just to do a medal, regardless or not they have a sponsor?”

Jako didn’t muck around.

“There has to be spite,” he said.

“How could you not come to an agreement on something that’s just a no-brainer.

“It’s a prestige award, it’s tradition and obviously both clubs are at a stalemate on whose gonna be a sponsor.”

Corporate decisions aside, Lise asked how Ross Glendinning himself would be feeling about it.

“I think he’d be very disappointed and a bit gutted that both clubs are immature about it, that they haven’t been able to come up with an agreement long in advance,” Jako said.

“This to unfold on the eve of the first derby in the new era and the new stadium I think is nothing short of disgraceful.

Paul asked if the situation could be salvaged without a sponsor.

“Can’t they just nick down to the bloody trophy place in Armadale and get a medal struck and, hey presto, you hand it out on Sunday?”

Lise chimed in that it didn’t matter where the medal came from.

Jako said that perhaps the clubs didn’t need a sponsor.

“You keep the name Ross Glendinning and you move until you get [a sponsor] - if that’s the case,” he said before saying there was “a lot more to be played out in this”.


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