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This Fact About Men's Brains Will Leave You Questioning Life

Not only is Glen Jakovich a champion former AFL legend, he’s also a pretty mint dad.

Like many of our listeners, Jako has teenage girls. A couple of them.

So, when their high school put on an information seminar for parents on dealing with them, he signed up to learn more.

“Their behaviours and what they’re going to be facing through their adolescent period, parties, social issues, temptations and so forth,” he said on Wednesday.

The first shock for Jako was the attendees.

“There was about 100 people there," he said, which is a pretty reasonable turnout.

But of the 100 people, only three were men.

"I was one of three dads,” Jako said.

But the second shock?

The ages that women’s brains actually mature compared to men’s.

“The human brain in a female, matures at full capacity at 22 years of age,” Jako said.

“I did not know that,” Lise replied.

“Yeah, that’s what he said, it’s a scientific proven fact,” Jako reiterated.  

It was then Jako put it to Lise: at what age does a male brain fully mature?

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