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Jako Recalls Punch-On At Eagles' Training Camp

 “Mick Malthouse took us up to Cervantes and… it was hell”

This is how Eagles legend Glen Jakovich described a training camp he was on shortly after West Coast’s grand final loss in 1991.

Jako told the story to 96FM’s Paul & Lise on Thursday after Paul asked him about what happens at a training camp in the light of details that the Adelaide Crows were subjected to ‘unorthodox’ methods to motivate players.

“At the end of January, [the Crows] rock up to the Gold Coast and the players had very little information,” Jako said.

“Everyone goes on a training camp for about three or four days.”

The camp is designed for players to do a “little soul searching” away from the footy field.

“But when you lose a grand final, it can be pretty ruthless”

He said the Crows were played the Richmond theme song “for the entirety”

Lise said that couldn’t be good for the players, psychologically speaking.

“That’s Guantanamo sort of stuff,” Paul added.

But Jako defended the practice, because it gets nasty.

He then recalled a story of how nasty it got at one particular training camp in Cervantes, north of Perth, where there was an actual punch-up between players.

Check out the video up top for the full story. 

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