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Glen Jakovich Spills The Tea On Geelong

Earlier in the week we learned that Geelong was to charter a flight from Avalon to Perth instead of catching a regular flight for their clash with West Coast on Sunday.

We learned a little more about it on Friday when Glen Jakovich spoke to 96FM’s Paul & Lise.

And it’s not sounding as luxurious has it first did.

“[It was] a pretty smart idea,” Jako said.

“[We’re talking] massage tables on the plane, to make it comfortable for the players.”

“What?” Paul baulked.

However, Jako said the sales department at Geelong hadn’t sold enough seats to the general public – like sponsors and fans.

“Now they’ve had to sell at a discounted rate… [including] all the business class seats to the punters to help cover the cost of the plane,” he said.

“So, the football manager had to go to the players and say ‘uh boys, you know how your business class seats? Well, you’re not going business class, you’re going right in the back of economy’.”

Jako said that AFL royalty like Patrick Dangerfield, Gary Ablett and Joel Selwood are “Not Happy Jan” at having to sit up the back.

Lise suggested that what they should’ve done was not just to sell the business class seats but to sell-off a seat next to a player.

“They players would hate it, but at least they’re gonna get across in Business class aren’t they?” she said.

Paul agreed but Jako said they would be “too precious” for that.

“Part of their [Collective Bargaining Agreement] is they have to have a minimum of 12 business class seats per flight,” he explained.

“Now, they’ve got none… and a few of the players I think may have just knocked on the door of the players association saying, ‘we’re not happy with this’.”

But Jako had a message for those players.

“Suck it up boys, get over here and get over it. I had to do it for 14 years. I got exit rows and the odd upgrade which I was very grateful for.”

“They used to put Phil Matera in the overhead, didn’t they?” said Paul.

Check the video up top for the full chat, including his tips for this weekend

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