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HBF Now Have A Stadium, An Arena And Now A Park In Perth

Perth’s home of soccer and rugby, nib Stadium, is about to be rebranded under the HBF name and, to be honest, we’re not coping.

When I say we, it’s actually Paul.

HBF already have a few facilities across Perth… HBF Stadium, HBF Arena and now, HBF Park.

“The Superdrome, which was Challenge Stadium then became HBF Stadium and Arena Joondalup is now HBF Arena,” Lise said, to which Paul had a low-key conniption.

“Nah, nah, nah, hang on, woah, woah, why, hang on,” he said.

He tried to wrap his head around what was being said.

“So nib Stadium is now in Joondalup?”

“No,” Lise said. “Nib Stadium is still where it is… it’s now HBF Park, so if you’re going to watch the rugby or watch Perth Glory you’ll go to HBF Park.”

“But if you’re going to, say, watch West Perth play, you’ll go to HBF Arena, alright?”

Paul was still struggling.

“No, no, you go to Joondalup,” he said.

“Yes, you do,” replied Lise. “But that’s in Joondalup, because it was Arena Joondalup but now it’s HBF Arena, but if you want to see Boyzone, for example, because that’s a concert, you’ll go to HBF Stadium.”

It went on, and I just can’t type it all out so, please, watch the video


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