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Here's Some Of Our Fave WA Police Moments On The Socials

One thing we love about our Aussie police is that, although it’s still fairly new, their social media game has gotten strong.  

And our WA Police are no different.

Some of their memes and other LOLs would give anyone’s dad joke repertoire a run for their money.

And it was a hot topic between Paul & Lise on Tuesday morning.

Paul is kind of over it.

“It just seems to me that the boys and girls in blue are spending a lot of time on the memes and the gags, and I would prefer to see them out there catching criminals.”

Lise, however, completely disagreed, that our police have done a great job in making themselves more accessible to the community, before referring to a few of her favourites from Canning Vale Police, Mundaring Police and Bayswater Police.

Here’s some other highlights we found…

How the police in Roebourne call themselves 'Roebocops'.... 

And some from over east.... 

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