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Here's Something We Didn't Know About Verge Collections

It all started when Paul mentioned a fight which had broken out on his street in Canning Vale... aka The Vale.

Why? The verge collection.

“Some homes it looks as though they’ve emptied out their entire home on the front lawn,” he told Lise, who explained her verge collection experience as a bit different.

“It’s almost like a swap meet,” she said.

Paul couldn’t help himself.

“Oh, I can imagine,” he said. “I can see it now, Mrs Mangle with her hands behind her back, strolling up and down the street like she’s at IKEA.”

Paul then came back to the fight on his street.

“I don’t have a problem with someone doing it at 10 in the morning, but the reason why there was a fight was that it happened in the dead of night.”

Thing is, can you even take stuff from someone else’s verge pick-up?

Check out the vid up top

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