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How Much Is The Tooth Fairy Supposed To Leave Your Kid?

Talk about putting your money where your kid’s mouth is, but has the Tooth Fairy gone too far?

On Wednesday, Paul told Lise about a family he knew in Mandurah who had a visit from the fairy who came to exchange a little boy’s first tooth for a bit of cold, hard cash.

“I was shocked to learn that the Tooth Fairy… left a crisp $5 note.”

“Five dollars for a… tooth?”

Lise agreed, firing back with her own experience with the Tooth Fairy after she recently visited her daughter.

“Bella found the money under her pillow in sandwich bag and she said ‘oh mum, the Tooth Fairy uses the same sandwich bags you use to wrap up my lunch in.’”

Lise went on to say that the Tooth Fairy had also left $5 and Bella questioned whether that was enough.

“She has told me that $5 is the going rate… which I personally think is outrageous.”

So, we opened the phones to see if $5 per tooth really was the standard…?

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