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How Scott Cam Nearly Got Stopped At The Airport Over Meth

The Block’s Scott Cam said that a WA property could feature on the hit show, admitting to Paul & Lise that it’s “not off the table”.

Scotty dropped into the 96FM studio just days before the show kicks off on Sunday.

Now in its 14th season, The Block will tackle one of Melbourne’s eyesores, The Gatwick.

“Let’s face it, it was a meth house,” Scotty told Paul & Lise.

“The carpet, the furniture, the walls were soaked in meth.”

Even when they were doing some early shooting for show promos, way before the contestants were even selected, Scotty says he wasn’t allowed to touch the walls because they were that toxic.  

But it was a story about the airport that had Paul & Lise picking their jaws up off the floor.

Scotty said he had been filming for a couple of hours at the property when the “safety chemical guy” suddenly realised something.

“He said we gotta take our boots off,” Scotty said

“We gotta put them through a chem bath because you’ll get pulled up at the airport… the dogs will pick you up on your boots because your boots will be covered in meth.”

Lise then pressed Scotty about if we will ever see a WA property featured on The Block.

“We always look everywhere,” he said.

“People offer us buildings and things like that… people ring us up and say ‘we’ve got this fantastic building, you should come and have a look’ so we always go and look.

“It’s not completely off the table.”

The Block kicks off on Channel 9 at 7pm on Sunday, August 5.

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