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How 'The Brickman' Turned LEGO Into An Actual Career

Making a living from building LEGO is nothing short of a dream for some grown-ups kids, but Ryan McNaught made it reality.

Known as ‘The Brickman’, McNaught kicked off his LEGO career by accident.

“I used to be the CEO of a media company, so board meetings at all that,” McNaught told 96FM’s Paul & Lise.


“One day the managing director said ‘right, we need to have a meeting about the amount of meetings we’re having’, and my eyes rolled back in  my head and I thought nah, I’ve got to find something [else].”

This coincided with another event that most adults have gone through: the ceremonious handing over of childhood items from one’s parents.

“[She said] now that you have kids, here’s all your junk back… so there was my LEGO.”

“So yeah, I got back into LEGO that way, just started putting it back together and playing with the kids.”

The game changer, however, came when McNaught learned about LEGO and technology.

“There’s these amazing segways between the two using robotics… and some guys from LEGO saw what I was doing and said, ‘let’s do a couple of little things together’ and that kind of grew and grew and ended up being a career.”

Paul’s jealousy aside, we held an in-studio competition for a handful of lucky Perth kiddos, who had their LEGO creations judged by The Brickman.



Cooper from Caversham took out the prize of tickets to Brickman Awesome as well as a $100 worth of LEGO for his original ‘candy dispenser’ creation...


Check out the video up top

Brickman Awesome is McNaught’s third exhibition made entirely from LEGO bricks, and will include the tallest LEGO model in the southern hemisphere and 39 never-seen-before LEGO builds, totalling more than 2 million bricks and clocking up more than 5,000 hours of build-time.

Tickets to Brickman Awesome through Ticketek

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