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'I Got All The Dirt': We Get Nostalgic With Pseudo Echo

You just have to look at the 96FM Kickstart Summer concert series to know there’s been a resurgence in nostalgic Australian music gigs bubbling away for a while.

And Pseudo Echo is part of it.

Founding member and lead vocalist Brian Canham joined Paul & Lise the 96FM studio, and touring as an older band, for the audience that grew with them was something they kept coming back to.

“As kids of the 80s and 90s, it’s so wonderful that you guys are touring but that there’s a whole group of artists that are doing this,” Lise said.

“I think there were some stats done and the highest selling artists now are people like Pseudo Echo, Daryl Braithwaite, James Reyne and Hunters and Collectors who are going out and doing these tours.”

“And the people buying the tickets? They’re us. And we’re selling out your shows because, well, that was the time of our lives.”

Canham agreed and added that it, as far as the artists were concerned, it was pretty much the same sentiment.

“The audience loves us and, honestly, we get such a rush when we get out on stage,” he said.

“There’s a point in your career when you think ‘oh, maybe we’re a bit washed up and might have to pack it in’.”

“Well, Daryl Braithwaite hasn’t said that yet,” Lise deadpanned.

Canham continued, saying that it was only after a “little time” had passed that the nostalgia started to kick in for fans and band members alike.

“…and before you know it, it’s happy times again,” he said.

“When we do these multi-line-up gigs, you know, all the bands are on a high.”

Canham probably didn’t expect to do the amount of reminiscing he did with Paul & Lise. Seriously, all that was missing was an open fire and some red wine.  

Paul & Lise learned who the Wendy Matthews song ‘The Day You Went Away’ was about.

We also found out that Lisa Edwards, one of John Farnham’s long-term back-up singers, was actually part of the Pseudo Echo’s ‘Send Me An Angel’.

The video opens with an amazing story about how on Countdown, a show where it was required that bands be signed, Pseudo Echo performed as unsigned nobodies.

Catch Pseudo Echo in Perth

Friday, June 8 – Northshore Tavern, Hillarys

Saturday, June 9 – The Charles Hotel, North Perth


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