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'I Have To Wear Long Sleeves Everyday To Hide It'

So, Kayla from Maylands did something many people do while on a trip overseas – she got a tattoo.

And it wasn’t just any tattoo, this one took up her entire forearm.

On Thursday, Kayla told Paul & Lise the story behind it.

“My sister and I went on an awesome backpacking trip a few years back and that tattoo was meant to represent her and the trip we went on.”

Sounds OK, right?

Well, the tatt hasn’t exactly worked out for Kayla in the long run.


“I’m a teaching assistant and I’m also at uni at the moment studying to be a teacher,” she said.

“And because I can’t have a tattoo showing at school, I’m just covering it constantly.”

This meant wearing long sleeves everyday – even in 40-degree heat.  

So, while the tatt was sentimental, Kayla now needed it removed. And that’s where Paul & Lise come in.

All week, Paul & Lise have been giving away tattoo removal treatments from Be Gone Laser Clinics – with a catch. The person who had the tattoo regret needed to get permission to get it removed from whoever they got the tattoo for.

Lise asked Kayla about her sister, Shannon.

“Do you think her feelings are going to be hurt, because you shared the trip together, it was obviously a meaningful thing to get done together…” she said.

Kayla dropped the truth bomb.

“I’ve never told her I wanted it off,” she said.

“I have been looking into [getting it removed] … I think she’ll be a bit hurt.”

Paul & Lise then dialled the number to call Shannon – but it was all up to Kayla.

“Um, look, I’m calling because I entered a competition on 96FM,” she began.

“Oh cool,” Shannon interjected.

Kayla continued.

“Yeah, it’s actually to get my tattoo removed, the one I got for you and the backpacking trip”

Long pause.

“Umm, OK, whyyyyy, why would you want to do that?” Shannon (finally) said.

Kayla said that she just couldn’t keep hiding it.

That’s when Shannon laid it on. Thick.

“Well, it’s not like you haven’t covered it up before, I just don’t understand why you would want to remove the most treasured memory we have of the best time of our lives.”

    It got worse.

    “I just don’t believe that’s a legitimate excuse,” Shannon said.

    “Is it because your boyfriend doesn’t like it because he’s got some jealousy issues over it or something… because it’s me and not him?”

    Woah what.

    It was at this point Kayla asked Paul & Lise to step in, where Lise explained to Shannon why Kayla needed her permission. Without it, the prize wouldn’t be granted.

    “Let me say, Shannon, I did flag the fact that you’d be very hurt,” Lise said.

    Shannon, clearly upset, took a last stab at what the tattoo meant to her.

    “That tattoo is meant to represent me, but I guess…” she said before Kayla jumped in saying her decision wasn’t a reflection of that.

    “It isn’t about that, it’s about work, I’m always going to treasure that time and I love you,” she said.

    “Just, for my career, I need this, please.”

    Shannon agreed (albeit reluctantly), but not without throwing shade that Kayla’s career was more important than her.

    Once again, Kayla insisted that wasn’t the case.

    Paul remarked that the sisters’ backpacking trip must have been pretty amazing.

    “It was something we did together and we may not get the chance to do that ever again,” Shannon said.  

    Kayla’s response?

    “We will Shans, and honestly, we don’t need the tattoo to remember that.”

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