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'I’ve Had It A Long Time Now And I Don’t Like It At ALL'

It was meant to be a tattoo depicting balance – male and female, sun and moon, fire and water, you get the idea.

But instead of Andrea from Beechboro getting, well, it didn’t quite hit the mark.

“When I went to the artist, he decided it would be fun to do this crazy smoke stuff,” she told 96FM’s Paul & Lise.

“I’ve had it a long time now and I don’t like it at all.”

Part of the reason is that her ex-boyfriend’s name, Scott, is ‘hidden’ in the smoke.

 “It sort of looks like ‘Soot’,” Paul said.


All week, Paul & Lise had been giving away tattoo removal treatments from Be Gone Laser Clinics – with a catch. The person who had the tattoo regret needed to get permission to get it removed from whoever they got the tattoo for.

Thing is, Andrea isn’t exactly on speaking terms with Scott.

“The least amount of time I have to spend talking with him the better,” she said.

So we dialled the number.

He answered, and a very nervous Andrea was perfectly perfunctory with the request.

“I’m in a competition to have this tattoo removed and I need your consent to have it taken off, yes, you do?”

Scott was a man of few words.

“Yep,” he said.

Well, that was easy.

Lise jumped into the lightning-fast conversation and thanked him for giving Andrea the green light.

“No worries,” he said, before the call ended.

Andrea was nothing short of relieved.

“Oh, my f***ing God,” she said, as if she had held her breath for 10 years.

Lise then delivered the news.

“You have won tattoo removal treatment valued up to $6000 from BeGone Laser Clinics… so your tattoo with your ex’s name will be gone off your body,” she said.

Andrea then said she felt like “butterflies on steroids”.

“A beautiful turn of phrase,” Paul said.

If you have an unwanted tattoo, get in contact with our mates at BeGone Laser Clinics

Be Gone, for the you you want to be.

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