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If You're After KFC-Scented Surf Wax Do We Have News For You

From the fast-food joint that brought us chicken bouquets and KFC-scented candles comes not just a clothing line but... surfboard wax. 

Life is made.

“They’ve launched a limited-edition clothing range for charity,” Lise told Paul on Wednesday.

“This is so gross,” Paul replied.


Lise explained that the clothing wasn’t made of actual chicken skin.

“It’s legitimate clothing,” she said.

“And it’s going to include budgie smugglers, track pants and fried chicken-scented surf wax”


Lise then began to describe the swimmers.


“It looks like a little KFC box,” she said.

“Oh, that’s nice,” Paul said.

“A little two-piece feed.”

Check out the vid up top 

KFC say stocks are limited, so get in quick.

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