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In The Event Of A Zombie Attack, Perth Is Screwed

So, OK, there’s no easy way to say this but, in the event of a zombie attack, Perth is screwed.

This is according to research from the Centre for Disease Management and Public Safety at the University of Melbourne.

The reckon that Perth would probs be the first to succumb to an attack, predicting that as many as 100,000 could be infected within the first four days of a zombie attack.

They also said that those who grouped together were more likely to survive, which was likely to be Perth’s problem.

The study revealed that only one third of people living in Perth would take in a stranger in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

“Darwin is the most likely to survive,” Lise said.

“Darwin??” Paul replied, incredulous.

Lise went on.

“Because people are more likely to take on those in the community and protect them more”

“They’re more community-spirited,” Paul said.

Paul & Lise opened the phones to get an idea of the weapons you might use to fight zombies.

Colin from Midland reckons he would use a cordless chainsaw. He also mentioned he would also need portable solar panels.

(Not gonna lie, we think Colin has an actual plan, so we’re hanging on to his number)

But James from Gosnells. His weapon of choice is lateral but genius.

“I’d surround my house with treadmills”



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