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In What Way Do You Bust Your Own Stereotype?

It all started with ‘what’s your favourite dip?’ when Paul & Lise spoke to Michelle from Ellenbrook.

What Michelle had said on Tuesday still completely unsettled Lise on Wednesday.  

“She made an extraordinary announcement about her family,” Lise said.

Michelle, of New Zealand (this is important), was explaining her ‘Kiwi Dip’ she makes, and it sounded like it was a bit of a specialty in her family.

Lise responded to Michelle’s recipe by saying she bet she would “crack out that dip watching the Bledisloe Cup.”

Michelle said her family didn’t watch it.

“We’re into motorsport, we’re not into the rugby I’m afraid.”

Even 24 hours after chatting with Michelle, Lise was still astounded.

“I don’t know if I’ve met ever in my x amount of years I’ve been on this planet, one New Zealander who… how can you not be into rugby?”

“I mean, the All Blacks are the greatest rugby team of all time!”

As Lise waded through her incredulousness, they opened the phones to speak to anyone else who, essentially, busted their own stereotype.

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