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Is It OK To Leave The Footy Early If Your Team Is Losing?

It was a horror show for Fremantle fans on Sunday.

At the final siren, the score was 17.10 (112) to 7.11 (53) … the Dockers going down to the Hawks by 59 points - not that everyone stuck around to see it.

In a move that’s often joked about over West Coast supporters, it was the Freo fans who walked away from the game early.

Paul & Lise were in two minds about it on Monday - the main argument for leaving was that if you’re in a crap mood over how your team is performing, perhaps leaving would be a good idea as to not spoil it for everyone else.

“Don’t be a party pooper,” Paul said.

However, whole concept of leaving early didn’t sit well with Lise at all.

“I was always brought up with, yeah, you don’t leave the game”

“If your team is playing and you support your team and you stick there until the end, even if they’re playing the shittest game ever and then you go home.”

Lise mentioned a tweet which showed swathes of Dockers fans leaving the game at three-quarter time…

Check out the vid up top

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