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Is It OK To Shower WITH Your Dog?

Paul heard something that blew his mind at a recent family function.

A family friend admitted to washing his dog in the shower.

Let me rephrase that. He admitted to having a shower with his dog.

“It’s knickers off and everything,” Paul said on Tuesday.

Lise couldn’t work out whether Paul was revolted or not.

“Oh, I’m completely revolted by this,” he assured her. “What are you doing showering with a dog?”

    Lise, after a long pause, admitted that she didn’t just shower with her dog Atticus, she had baths with him.

    “What? Plug-in?” Paul asked, completely alarmed. “So, you’re in the same water as the dog?”

    Lise defended why she chose to bathe with her “50kg baby” Atticus, mainly that he was easier to manage this way.

    “I have a bloke come to my house and he has a little trailer,” Paul continued.

    “Can you imagine if I walked out and he’s in there with my pug, giving it a back scrub?”

    Then we opened the phones.

    We had no idea we would get the response we did.

    Check out the vid up top

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