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Is This Monopoly Rule... Even A Rule?

A few weeks ago, Paul and his girlfriend got into a blue about the rules of UNO.

Well, it’s happened again, except this time it involved the game that was, by design, made to split up entire families… Monopoly.

“Apparently, I’m using a rule that no one uses,” Paul told Lise on Thursday.

 If somebody lands on a property, and they don’t buy that property, and it’s the first time that property has been landed on, then that property goes to auction at the table.”

Lise was a straight-up no way.

“Wow, how wrong can you be playing Monopoly?” she said.

Paul thought it was absolutely a rule as it was one he had played by his entire life.

“I think this is an international Monopoly rule, I’m positive that it is”

So, to settle the argument, we threw open the phones.

And, just quietly, not only did we solve the Monopoly rule conundrum… we hilariously learned what the Channel 3 Repeater is.

Check out the video up top

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