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'It Was A Spur Of The Moment Thing... I Got It At Sexpo'

In the words of Lise: “Get ready for some serious awkward.”

This week, 96FM’s Paul & Lise, with Be Gone Laser Clinics, have been putting the call out to help those who want to get rid of a tattoo they regretted.

Damien from Saville Grove put his hand up – but, of course, there was a catch. He needed to get his ex’s permission to do it.

“Tell us about the tattoo because we know you can’t stand it,” Paul asked Damien on Tuesday.

“It was a spur of the moment thing,” Damien admitted.

“I got it at Sexpo.”

“Great,” Paul said.

Damien continued to say that he went with his now-ex, Belle, where they decided to get matching tatts…of skull cherries.

“They don’t even look like cherries, I don’t even like cherries,” Damien said.

Paul was incredulous.

“Why did you get a tattoo of cherries if you don’t like cherries??”

Damien explained that, because he was a chef, he could kind of get away with it.

But now, he was ready to pop the cherries.


Lise then cautioned Damien.

“In order to get this tattoo removed, you’ll have to call Belle and, if she agrees that it can be removed, we’ll remove it for you.”

Paul then asked how things ended with Belle.

“Uhh, not on the best of terms,” Damien said.

“We broke up and I had to move out, it was just over six months ago.”

Despite the break being reasonably fresh, the last time he spoke to Belle was only two weeks ago.

“Was it a good conversation you had with her?” Paul asked.

“Not in particular,” Damien said.

Yikes. Was Belle going to agree to this?

Paul & Lise then called Belle but let Damien do the talking.

“I entered a competition to get a tattoo removed, catch is, I need to get your permission,” he said.

“What? The cherries?” Belle said.

After a pause, she threw a sliver of shade with a curt “I don’t care”, before admitting that she already had her matching cherries altered.

It was here that Paul & Lise butted in, Lise wanting to get a clearer response from Belle.

“So in order for Damien to get his cherries removed, you’ve given him the thumbs up, yes?”

Belle, again, replied with precision.

“Yeah, I don’t care, that’s fine”

Sweet relief all round.

For your chance to have your unwanted tattoo removed thanks to BeGone Laser Clinics, register your details here

Be Gone, for the you you want to be.

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