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'It Was The Most Awkward Four Seconds Of My Life'

A chat about the Church of Scientology opening in Rivervale at the weekend was kinda overshadowed this morning… with Glen Jakovich’s own brush with the church.

The Eagles legend described it as 'the most awkward four seconds' of his life.

Lise remembered how, back in the day, church members would approach people on Hay Street with their infamous ‘personality test’.

“I did that once,” Jako admitted.

“[After that] I could see them coming, so I put my phone to my ear as if I was talking.”

But the ruse was up in just seconds.

“And you know what?” he asked Lise.

“What?” Lise replied.

“My phone rang”

He said the bloke just looked at his shaking his head.

“It was the most awkward four seconds of my life.”

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