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Jako Flagged A HUGE Date Clash With The Royal Wedding

Focus turned to the Royal Wedding on Tuesday when Glen Jakovich flagged a possible problem for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

It seems the auspicious date of May 19 clashes with another important event: the FA Cup final.

“That’s like having your wedding day on AFL Grand Final day,” he said.

Jako went further to say that it was actually the Royals who actually present the FA Cup trophy to the winners.

“Whose going be there… they’re all going be at the wedding.”

Without skipping a beat, Lise chimed in.

“What that demonstrates is who wears the pants in that relationship.”

What got Lise’s attention was the apparently the Royal couple’s choice of ‘first dance’ wedding song.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody. Yes, the Whitney Houston track.

“Really?” Lise said, “It’s got to be a joke.”

It did prompt Lise to ask about what wedding song Jako had at his wedding.

“Well, it was back in 1996 and got married at St Jerome’s church and off to the Langley Hotel for the reception… 3000 people,” he said.

“Our wedding song was Beautiful In My Eyes by Joshua Kadison.”

Cue hearts melting all over the studio.

We then threw open the phones, and there were some surprising wedding songs, including one that one groom pranked his new wife with. LOL.

It’s all in the vid up top.

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