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Jako Tells Us Why He Was Hanging Out With Warwick Capper

Fresh from his trip to the MCG to watch the Grand Final, former Eagle and club legend Glen Jakovich of course dropped in for a chat with Paul & Lise.

Jako’s main takeaway after seeing West Coast steal that legendary win from Collingwood was that of redemption.

“They willed themselves to that Grand Final in an epic performance and the circumstances, there’s so many stories to be told about it,” he said.

“If you’re a non-Eagles or a non-Collingwood supporter and you went and watched it, you would’ve walked away and thought ‘wow, we have a great Australian game.’”

Lise went further.

“I think you would’ve walked away as a non-Eagles or a non-Collingwood supporter and gone ‘I want to know more about Dom Sheed.’”

But while there were no teams to go through on Monday, Lise instead went through Jako’s Instagram… and it’s a bit of a who’s-who of footy, including, whaaaat, looky here... Warwick Capper. 

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Love AFL GF week just not sure I’ll see Saturday if I stay with this lot!!

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