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Why Jamie Durie Is 'Frustrated' With Perth

He’s a horticulturist and landscape designer, furniture designer, television host, television producer, and author of twelve books.

Oh, and he’s also a super close mate of Oprah.

Yet Jamie Durie can’t shake his stripper past.

On Wednesday, Lise referred to an article in The West Australian on Durie, who is currently a judge on Seven’s House Rules.

Despite the article mentioning the show, it zeroed-in on his stripping days, complete with a naked picture of Durie.

“We all know you did that 30 years ago,” she said.  “And you have moved on from that.”

“Whenever you have done any TV or radio, you make it really clear that that’s not something you dwell on anymore.”

Paul chimed in saying that the stripping perhaps wasn’t something Durie would hang his hat on now.

“Why do I need to?” Durie said before he pulled back the curtain on the article.

“The frustrating thing is, I spent two hours talking about the environment and climate change and innovation in households today and the way solar passive architecture has really come into House Rules to create more sustainable ideas through innovative living,” he said.

“And I opened the paper this morning and I was quite shocked.”

Durie said that he had done a fair bit since then, casually mentioning twelve books “and all that sort of stuff,” before admitting that the article felt like a “waste of time, really.”

The chat didn't end there, Durie told us a ridiculous story about House Rules' host Johanna Griggs, his dog, and how he had never been more scared in his life... scroll down for the vid!

House Rules, Monday-Wednesday, 7.30pm, Channel 7

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