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Jaws Drop When Lise Checks 'Unclaimed Money' Website

“I’m going to read out a sentence out on air that’s very dangerous,” Paul said on Tuesday after stumbling across a story in The West about $67 million in unclaimed money which is just sitting in the WA coffers.

“Thousands Join WA’s Unclaimed Cash Hunt,” he said.

Lise was exasperated.

“You know why I hate these stories?” she asked

“Because it’s never us”

Paul went on to describe the story, which was that the WA Treasury website had experienced a huge jump in online traffic after The West recently reported on the site.

“Searches on the website have gone from, say, 1000 a day... to 100,000 a day”

Paul encouraged Lise to pull up the site and check her name.

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For those wanting to check their name on the site... click here

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