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‘But WHY Did He Go Out?’: Jako Breaks Down Hogan Ban

Glen Jakovich has weighed-in on Fremantle’s dumping of star forward Jesse Hogan, asking the very question that’s on many members’ minds.

Fremantle's football manager Peter Bell revealed Hogan's drinking session on Saturday night left the star forward in an unfit state to train with the team the next day.

It was also revealed that Hogan was battling clinical anxiety, which led to the star forward making "poor decisions around alcohol consumption".

Jako told 96FM’s Paul & Lise, however, that we had to “break it down”.


“I know a lot of people are just putting a lot of things on top of the story of what’s happened a couple of years ago with his father and himself,” Jako said, referring to Hogan’s father’s death in 2017 and his testicular cancer diagnosis less than a month later.

“But, when you break it down… you’ve got to ask the question, the night before a training session, basically 7 days out before the first game of the year… how did he come to that situation to go out on a Saturday night and make poor alcohol decisions?”

At Monday’s presser, Bell side-stepped when asked about when Fremantle became aware of Hogan's anxiety issues.

"What is important is we are supporting him 100 per cent," Bell said. "Jesse's a quality player. But what is important for him is he's in a physical and mental state to be able to play week after week.”

Jako acknowledged that enormous pressure was now on the club.

“Did they know these existing problems before they went to the trade table with Melbourne?” he asked. “Is this a one-off incident or are we going to see repeats of this during the course of his term at Fremantle?”

Lise questioned who Hogan was even with, as it had been years since he had lived in Perth.

Jako said that Hogan had gone to school in Perth.

“He is a Perth boy, so he would still have his schoolmates and…” he said before Lise chimed in.

“So, was he with his schoolmates or was he with Freo guys?” she asked.

“That’s what Freo haven’t released, they’ve chosen their words very carefully,” Jako replied.

“Once again, I go back to my first point… why did he go out on a Saturday night, 7 days out?

“[Hogan has] been training for five months, he’s been looking good on the training track - there were no sign of these type of issues in the last four or five months

“He’s played in two JLT games, he’s played pretty good football, 20 possessions, kicked a goal against the Eagles,

“…and then, one week out - and the night before a major training session at Optus oval - he goes out and makes poor decisions?”

Fremantle face North Melbourne at Optus Stadium on Sunday.

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