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Jimmy Barnes Fact-Checks Our 'Barnesy Fun Facts'

Paul & Lise have a segment literally called 'It’s About Barnesy And It’s A Fun Fact'.

Thing is, we’ve had no way of confirming the random Barnesy facts from listeners.

Until now.

On Friday, Jimmy Barnes called in and we put him to work doing some good ol' Barnesy fact-checking.

Fact #1

Tracey from Dianella: "Everyone knows that he’s from Scotland, but do they know he has a traditional shortbread recipe out… in a commemorative tin with Jimmy Barnes on the front wearing a kilt."

Barnesy Fact Check: True.

Fact #2

Rosie from Rockingham: “Back in the early 80s, he was doing a concert throughout WA, like a country tour. We were managing a roadhouse in Katanning and his roadie truck broke down with all the gear and everything on it. We fixed the truck for them, fed them, looked after them and sent them on their way - and they got to Albany to put their show on.”

Barnesy Fact Check: “It’s a fact,” Jimmy said.

Fact #3

David Campbell from Sydney: “My dad sits and listens to the Tin Lids’ Hey Rudolph CD every year on Christmas morning, and cries.”

Barnesy Fact Check: “It’s true," Barnesy laughed to his own son's confession. "But I put it on to give the kids a bit of grief an embarrass them, and then I start crying. It’s a double-whammy, it embarrasses them, and it messes me up too."


Jimmy Barnes' new album, My Criminal Record, is out now.

He's also the headline act for 96FM’s Kickstart Summer concert in 2019 - this will be Barnesy's ONLY Perth show on his Shutting Down Your Town national tour.

More info, including tix, click here



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